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Friday, January 31, 2014

Review for Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

                                                     **Warning! Small spoilers included**

This was not the first Lauren Oliver book that I have read. I read the delirium series first, and had very high expectations for this one. Sadly, I was a little let down.

This story is about a girl, Sam, who is a mean girl. She follows in the footsteps of her friends, and does not think for herself. Sam was a very realistic character, and I found myself comparing her to people that I knew in school.

The book revolves around one day, which they call cupid day. It is the Friday before valentines day, the day where people sign cards to send roses to their girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and so on. In this school, it measures the amount of friends you have. a popularity contest. Any way, that night there is a party, and it is where the plot begins to unravel, or thicken. What ever you wish to call it.

She dies. Sam dies. Her friends were drinking, they hit something, and she dies. You think that would be the end, if the main character dies, but its not. She wakes up, seven times, and has to redo the day. over, and over, and over. Kind of like a Christmas movie, or groundhogs day.

The book was interesting. The beginning was great, and it really kept my attention. However, reading about a character redoing the same day seven times gets quite repetitive (silly me for thinking it wouldn't). 

Lauren Oliver does a good job in trying to change it, so it isn't so repetitive. Sam definitely grows with the story, and is interesting enough. I did enjoy reading this book, but it wasn't a book that I totally loved. I wish it had ended differently, but I accept it. 

Three and a half books

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